January 21, 2011

Engaging News!

For those of you who like stories, sit down and listen to this one.  It was a cold Thursday night, work had been especially long as students were acting out, and a new class had started that day.  My feet were aching from standing all day, and all I wanted was food, and a warm foot bath.  As I drove out to Brad's house, I'll admit that I was wondering if he would mind if I simply took a nap.  Upon arrival, he had made dinner, which was warm and waiting (it was 8pm)...beef stroganoff...YUM!  So we talked and ate, and talked some more.  I could sit forever with this guy.  Then we decided to watch a movie...nothing too earth-shattering.  A little ways through the movie, he got up and left.  I paused, as I assumed he would be back quickly...the minutes tick by...2...4...10.  "Ok, I'm going to start without you."  And as he came out from his room, he carried an interesting look on his face.  After taking the remote from my hand, he sat on the couch and wanted to say something.  He told me he loved me and we talked about what it had been like since we started dating (exactly 7 months earlier)...then he gave me a hug, and got down on one knee.  He pulled a ring out of the pocket of his flannel shirt, and asked me to marry him!  It was so sweet and unexpected!  Later he told me that he decided THAT NIGHT to ask!  Coming from someone who is Mr. Planner, this act of spontaneity warmed my heart!  He happened to propose on the Day of Epiphany! Just thought I'd spread the joy.  Have a great week.


  1. Oh it's so simple and beautiful. Perfect :)

  2. and what is the Day of Epiphany? Should I know this already?

  3. Thanks guys! As to the day...it is traditionally the day wise men gave gifts to Jesus AKA King's Day.