December 30, 2010


Imagine with me, if you will, that is is Christmas Eve.  You wake up with anticipation for an adventurous, family filled few days.  Imagine all of the food; cinnamon rolls, sugar cookies, fudge, caramel corn, sweet potatoes, oranges, chocolate...  Talk about visions of sugar plums dancing in your head!  Well, it was Christmas Eve morning and while these thoughts lingered in my head, a different much more un-fun idea sprang up.  "I should go running."  Yuck!  I hate running, being out of breathe, struggling for air, taking a half hour after just to cool down.  But for some reason, I thought it sounded good.  And hey, who doesn't like to stay in shape.  So I laced up my sneakers, pulled on a sweatshirt (as it was a chilly 50 degrees), and I was off!  11 minutes later I was a mile from my house and exhausted.  While I power-walked home (thats still exercise!), I felt quite satisfied with myself.  So much so, that I ran again on Christmas Day.  I realize that this is sounding quite sick because no one exercises on Christmas.  However, when the mood strikes to exercise, I'd better act.  Who knows when it will strike again!  Perhaps I'm turning over a new leaf, as its been a week, and I've gone 3 times since. 

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