July 8, 2010

Friends far away

This post is for all my friends and family that live far away.
A few days ago, I finally unpacked my last bag from Lebanon.
In it held a few little scraps that I turned into messages.
The first, is this little guy, a tin foil candy wrapper...previous job: holding delicious chocolate.

Current job: holding a message for the chocolate giver.
And this little guy is a bus ticket from India...
If I could, I would buy a ticket to where each of you are just to sit and say hello.

Sorry for the poor picture quality...its the thought that counts. ;)


  1. Nice Susan, thanks
    (Ana Portillo)

  2. i love these little pieces you make - little messages from your travels, connecting your experiences with your feelings!!

  3. i love it .. سوسن
    i miss you soooo much
    thanks 7abibti .........
    ( Eva )

  4. love what you've done with the ticket :)

  5. ya its the feelings which matters, i got hurt when u cut down that Indian ticket, LOL..... I'm too an Indian. :-)