March 15, 2010

Old Sketches, new thoughts

I was thinking...and wondering...and I have been doing more often lately, now that I have loads of free time. :) A friend of mine and fellow artist Moorea posted something a few days ago, and I thought it was the best way of addressing each place of life. Being at a current place in life where I have it (life) everywhere.. I was wondering, if where you lives defines anything about you...what would it say about me. Or what would I say about it.

Seattle: You will forever be my artist and creative community...which I miss.
Damour: Little shops and flats full of life and friends...goodbye...I miss you.
Beirut: It was an amazing visit, but I don't know if I will ever see you again.
Mossyrock: I love you small town and what you offer, yet you're not my forever future.

And as I was flipping through sketchbooks old and new, I've come across sketches, simple as they may be about each they are.


  1. Nice blog, i like what you are saying. I do think that where you are chenges who you are. because you will be defined in some way by the environment you life in.
    Also i have gone from living in a very small rural town to a big capital city and i do think that sometimes you location does not fit in with who you are at that time, you can grow out of your surroundings, and may need to go someplace new?

  2. Great blog. I think every place you live in defines you. You meet people there. You see things, experience them and incorporate them into your own life. That's why traveling is so much fun!