February 21, 2010

thoughts of the day

I want to be one who weaves magic…into her life, her words, her work, magic and something that causes a person to stop and wonder. And yet in the midst of everything to take on simplicity as the mark of authenticity. I suppose we all are after this in our lives. For who doesn’t desire to live a life of inspiration…with times of quiet mystery and joyous delight? Today I came across something…perhaps it was always there, tucked away under some memory in the back cupboard of my mind, but it surfaced today as quite a bit of mid-winter cleaning has been taking place up there. Today is the day to move things…to send out that letter, to put on those shoes, to call up that friend, to bake the most decadent chocolate cake you’ve ever seen and eat it together with friends. For some reason this quote comes to mind…today is the perfect day to become the person you want to be…today. It is with these thoughts floating like dandelion seeds that I embark on the days journey…


  1. Great thoughts, Susan! Actually, all we have is today...we don't have yesterday, we don't have tomorrow...just today.

    Thanks for the reminder.

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  3. Nice blog...

    Well, our MAKER wants us to live each moment in HIS glory.. and with the inner beauty, a beauty that reflects HIS nature..:-)

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    God bless you.