December 23, 2009

Christmas lights and pig hunts

So a few days ago there was a big commotion outside, so I ran to the balcony to see what the hubub was about. As I peered over the concrete restraining wall I saw that a van had just come back from hunting...there were four pigs and they were passing them out...yum yum.

And as Christmas is just a few days away, people decorate beautifully and put up lights etc. So a trip to downtown Beirut was called for. But when I got there, the most beautiful light was coming from the mosque which was all lit up! Such a beautiful building...


  1. Cool pictures Sunno, keep posting them!

  2. Quite a combination...pigs and Christmas lights. Come to think of it, we had ham yesterday for Christmas was a great dinner.pritsyci

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  5. I remember that day.Everyone was looking at the tree and me and you totally enchanted by the beauty of that building...