November 22, 2009


As we talked things over, we decided that it was a must to get out of the city. So countryside here we come. Unfortunately here, with no car, that means quite a bit of work. The great thing is that in order to flag a bus/van all you have to do is stand alongside the highway..and pray that you won't get hit. Eventually, and usually rather quickly, someone will stop and you call out where you want to go...Cola!! Then you climb in a 15 passenger van which is the side of an American 7 seater. :) This of course makes it difficult when you need to get all 5 of you in the same van.

But we made it through the first leg of the journey with no hiccups. However in the second leg, we had to hail a bus to Doura...and here the driver waits for the bus to be full before you leave, to get his money's worth. So we sat for around 15 minutes waiting for people to come. At last we headed to our next destination...but the bus driver decided to take a new route...and then he stopped for coffee!!!coffee!! with bus full of people. Can you imagine this happening in Seattle? Of course no. So what began as a 30 minute journey turned into a 1 hour 30 minute journey. However, we successfully reached the place only to wait for our friend because his car broke down on the drive was a day full of mishaps, but we had a great time anyway! KFC picnic overlooking the Mediterranean as we sat in the midst of Roman ruins. What a beautiful Saturday.

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