September 4, 2009

This week in photos II

The flea market had so many booths full of treasures!

There were balloons flying when we got together for shopping and doughnuts...

Our fingers got a little stained from the berries, but I got some pictures before the hands dug in...

There is a new Zucati couple in the area...this is Sarah with her bridesmaids almost dolled up...

It has been a while since I last posted. As I have been running around trying to tie loose ends up before I leave for Lebanon, this blog has been neglected. But that doesn't mean I haven't been sitting have been snapped, parties attended, errands run, flea markets visited, work being worked and a weddings over and done with. I played around with the saturation on a few of the photos, which was different, and I rather like the effect.

I can't wait to post some more pictures of the most beautiful trees I found in walking around Packwood (the place of the Packwood Flea Market...all Labor Day weekend). Tomorrow!

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