August 29, 2009

Response to a friend

Just this morning as I was checking my email and such, I received a question from a friend, a fellow artist. She has been contemplating what it meant to be said artist...which has in turn got me pondering that thought as well. In order to see what I mean, please head over and read her post on Digging Deeper!

As I was swishing those thoughts around, I have found that yes, I do agree with them. Especially the part of using your own mind and creativity. My Mom and I were talking just last night, and she was asking me about why it isn't as fun/joyful to copy a picture.

Several I have been handed a photograph and been asked to put it in paint or charcoal. While I am more than glad to oblige, and do enjoy it...I don't feel creative when I'm doing it. I simply redid what the picture already showed. That doesn't negate realistic art at all because the impressive craftsmanship and skill that it takes to do strong representation art is highly commendable. Something that I am working towards as well. However that being said; there is something special, magical for digging into your mind and wealth of experiences for your own concept or idea.

Each person approaches things so differently, we find inspiration in a great variety of ways. I find there to be something wondrous about the outdoors (I live overlooking a beautiful green valley)...the valley in the morning, when the light is still just hidden, and there is a scent of mystery in the air. For the mist is slipping around the trees and across the fields, in a pattern never before seen, constantly changing the visibility, encircling you in a cool blanket of...opportunity. I could go on forever about mist or fog...but you must be getting the picture.

Those types of inspiration call you, the artist, deeper, as Blaze put it. An inspiration quite different than seeing an illustration in a book, tearing it out and saving it in your file. I think both need to be done, as it is always fun to see what other artists are doing...but we, or perhaps I tend to fall on the side of bookmarking rather than taking the time to allow yourself to be creative. And in my experience taking the time reaps much better work and a more joyous experience.

So today take the time to be creative...let your inner feather rustle and mind take flight.


  1. Wonderful!! :) You said even things that I forgot/ or didn't know how to say! So glad to get the art conversation going again! :)

    May I link you to my blog??