August 20, 2009

Camp; Walup Lake; Mt. Rainier & Picnic Baskets

Last week, Toledo First Baptist brought around 70 kids to camp up in Packwood. I want to share some highlights. Aside from having a fun group of girls, who could talk into the night forever...we got to see the beauty of Walup Lake with is just near the Goat Rocks Wilderness. It was an adventure filled week with with bouts of rain, sun, serious chats as well as not so serious ones. We canoed, hiked, napped, sang, and played games to our heart's content. When Friday rolled around, we were exhausted, looking forward to a hot shower and resting in a familiar bed.

In celebration of our soon-to-be-happily-wed friend....we, some friends and I, decided to have our hurrah as singles in Paradise. Or perhaps more clearly Paradise, Washington, which is just at the foot of Mt. Rainier. We packed our picnic lunch of cheese, basil, tomato sandwiches, blackberry hand pies, mixed veggies, peaches and juice and away we went. Because the lodge has just been redone this year, we were able to enjoy both the in and out of doors. The meadows were abounding in fresh flower, and the air was tinged with their sweetness, as well as the sweat from our brow as we climbed higher into the valley. And a very fine time was had by all. Who knew Paradise was only an hour drive away?


  1. Oh it looks like you're having so much fuunnn! I'm glad that you put so many beautiful photos up on your blog! :)

    To answer your question, I have about 25 5th-8th graders. Give or take. :) It's been so much fun!

    Are you leaving at the end of the summer??

  2. Beautiful!! I love the marmot! Aren't they cute?