July 27, 2009

Trinidad & Tobago

Did you know that camouflage clothing is illegal in Trinidad? Well it is. As I walked off the plane through the warm thick air, I came to customs...the guard there quietly looks at me and says, "The rest of you can go through, but she has to take her shirt off." I was a little confused at first because he gave no explanation other than...take your shirt off...It was a little awkward. But he says gravely, we do not allow illegal items through customs and you must not wear that because it is up for seizure. So...I was brought to a back room, and a woman watched carefully as I changed shirts to make sure that nothing else illegal was smuggled into the country.

I was a little surprised, but in thinking about it I am not offended or put off. No big deal, but just a word of advice...don't wear camouflage when traveling to Caribbean countries.

A picture would have been included, but as the internet is taking a bit of time just to read these words...you will just have to wait until I return to the States in a few days.

1 comment:

  1. Wow...quite an experience having been rejected to enter because your shirt was not acceptable! Glad you-all made it. Enjoy your time there.