July 2, 2009

Summertime hikes..walks etc

I think I have fixed my internet uploading file finally...we shall see.

As it is summer here in the great Northwest, yesterday and today was spent outside. One of my absolute favorite sites is dried yellow grass with green trees. Pretty much seeing it makes me smile...along with many other things, like flannel shirts (another story).

So if I like yellow grass, you may too..

And perhaps, if you like yellow grass, you just might enjoy fields of grass and wildflowers as well.

And if you like wildflowers, of course you will enjoy foxglove.

During the hike, I saw Mt. Rainier peeking through the foxglove at me.

And if you like Mt. Rainier, you may just enjoy the critters that bask in its glory as well.
You would never believe the gophers that wanted to see the view from their stumps too!

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  1. Hi Susan, it's Teressa. I love seeing your pictures!! They're beautiful! Your hike looks like tons of fun! I like yellow grass too, and there's plenty of it here. :-) It sounds like your summer is going pretty well, so that's good.