April 20, 2009

work work work

What I am calling the wall of shame, has since increased by eight. There are now two more people added to the mix. Along with their sets of "layers. After getting some wisdom today from fellow artists, I am taking the the show in a bit of a new direction. I am quite excited to begin the second phase of these portraits, and hope to have some new work to show you soon. Sadly I am putting aside acrylic for a bit, in order to have some completely finished pieces together. However, here is a peek at who I have been working on this last week. My dad and brother...
Kevin McCurry

Jake McCurry
Both are finished, but I have forgotten to take the final product shot. Therefore, these are some in-progress shots. I am becoming more comfortable everyday with painting on duralene. At first it was difficult blending, which is evident, unfortunately, in my first pieces. And so the saying goes...practice makes perfect.

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  1. Love your drawings. Why is it called the wall of shame?