February 23, 2009

Confessions: I want to live in a van

Making the long drive back to Seattle after visiting my family, I was watching cars go by, thinking about life in general, and what it held for me. One of my not so secret dreams has been to live in a a volkswagon van. Have all of my belongings parred down to fit inside, with a space to sleep. (How my art supplies will fit, I haven't yet figured out.) I would have the freedom to travel and visit new places, the simple amenities would be taken care of, as well as the lack of rent. It would be wonerfully small and cozy, a niche or place for me to live, like a cocoon. It would be simply adventurous! Then my negative voice kicks in reminding me of horribly realistic questions like...where would I cook? How would I invite people over or stay warm in the winter? The most effective in smothering the dream is this: won't you get lonely? And yet, still a small part of me hopes that someday, this could be me. I found this photos by Sophie Anderson, and smile when thinking about the opportunities for a perfect summer.


  1. It never hurts to dream...even if the dream seems impossible or even foolish!Looks like fun!

  2. hey, I totally agree with you susan! I remember being in highschool and wanting my first vehicle to be a volkswagon bus so I could drive around the country and have a place to sleep. Who knows, one day maybe one of us will end up in a van after all! :-)