January 26, 2009

Bank Robbery

What an exciting morning, I woke up to a frost covered Seattle, and it was SO cold. I headed down to class, which is just across the street from US Bank. Just as a group of students reach the door of the building, they slam it shut, post a sign and mouth "lockdown" through the glass. Great! Through a series of attempts to understand the mouthing through the windows, the group of us finds out that: oh, the bank was just robbed! Wonderful! So we are standing on the sidewalk outside next to the Bank with cop cars pulling in. Did I mention that it was around 25 degrees outside? We, 40 of us, stand there for around 20 minutes, staying only out of guilt because the professor is locked out as well. All ended well, for us at least as the building opened up, and we were ushered in to a safe building and warmth. As to the robber, I am unsure if he has been apprehended. All this happened before 12, just another day in Seattle.

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