December 19, 2008

Snowed In.

As you may know, it has been snowing a ton here in the Northwest. And yesterday we had 10 inches of snow. As I live on a a steep hill, my Mom and I tried to make it up, but with the ice, the car couldn't gain any footing. We ended up stopped right on this awful corner, where there are usually accidents. There was another man in a ditch next to us, so we were quite a sight. After calling my Dad, who showed up on his white steed, or really it was a burgundy diesel pick up. He hitched up the car, and started off, only to slip off the road with the weight of another vehicle straining on his tires. He slid partway into the ditch, almost hitting my car in the process. So we unhitch my car and he gets out and up the hill safely home.
Meanwhile, the Tow Truck comes to pull the man out of the ditch, and offers to tow my car up the hill. But even with his double tires in chains, his tow truck can't gain a footing, and starts slipping towards my car! Finally, we give up and back down the entire hill to a flat area, around 3/4 mile. It is now 27 degrees outside, and we have to walk home. It took about an hour. Thankfully for some reason, I had decided to put on snowboots to get in my car, so it made the walk more do-able. SUCH an adventure! :0)

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  1. Quite an adventure, Susan. I am glad all are safe and sound. We have about 16 degrees here right now.