November 1, 2008

Oh the colors of fall

As you can see, I've changed up the blog a little. I thought I would give some fall cheer while we still have the colors out. November is bringing in the rain and chilly air. I was down in White Center today, getting to know the area a bit. For one of my classes we are researching the Seattle Neighborhoods, and White Center is mine. I felt rather sketchy walking around taking pictures of buildings and murals, but alas what can I do. So this is a picture of me feeling a little like a creeper. In true Seattle fashion, it started raining while we were walking around. However, that did not stop us from visiting McDonalds, the park, Cafe Rozella, and a craft fair at the Holy Family School. A great deal was acomplished! I hope to get some more scans up of my senior show pieces. They will be coming soon.

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