November 16, 2015

Life Lately: Floating around in my mind

making: new henna designs for next summer's festival season.
cooking: with James, mostly baking, cookies, cornbread...yum!
drinking: All. the. hot. cocoa!
wanting: the sun to stay up longer...winter is upon us and so are the ridiculous sunset times: 4:40?!
looking: at the fall leaves floating down from the soon to be bare trees.
wasting: cup and cups of hot tea...getting cold...waiting to be reheated and drank.
enjoying: family time in the evenings...since its now dark at 5:30pm!
liking: all the clean, sweet smelling folded loads of laundry, waiting to be put away.
loving: curling up on the couch listening to the wind whip outside.
marveling: at how much James has been talking.
needing: a sweatshirt, how is it I have none?!
smelling: the rain.
wearing: fuzzy slippers all day.
listening: to Brad dictate his Marine experiences as I type...and cry.
knowing: that the days are long, but the months are quick.  This year has taken forever, but I also can't believe its November.  So ready to put 2015 behind me.
noticing: how much I miss having my family all together.
thinking: it might be time to focus on potty training...rather than sporadically familiarizing that we've been doing with James.
feeling: all of the feels lately.  happy.  sad.  angry.  confused.  thrilled.
bookmarking: a lot of encouraging Bible verses.
opening: the mail with James, who thinks they all are presents!

November 2, 2015

Monthly Portraits: October

This month we had some family pictures taken this month by Spencer's Photos.  James had one of his back molars finally cut through.  He has been working through all these new emotions.  He has a love for all of Daddy's tools, and any type of meat.  His favorite new saying are nuggle-wuggle (snuggly-wuggly), all done (insert any word here).  He even sat down to do a bit of coloring this month, which was a lot of fun for me.  He loves baking, but burned his finger after touching a hot pot on the stove... Yikes!  He loves to sing too.

October 18, 2015

Leavenworth, Washington

There is a little town tucked into the Cascade Mountains of Washington...a themed town...a Bavarian themed town.  I've been wanting to visit this little place for quite some time, as I've heard it is so magical.  It was.

All the signs and typography in town are tailored to look like what you might see in a quaint old village.  
Even the gas stations.  And. I die.
 Because it was the end of summer, all the hanging baskets and flower pots were dripping with lush bouquets.
 Also there was music playing in the town square that could be heard when walking down the street.
 There is a huge river front park where we spent some time.
 With fabulous views...
 I can't say I would want to live there, but it certainly was a fun place to visit.  I bet a visit during the Christmas season would be just as magical.

October 16, 2015

Nature: Deception Falls Picnic Area

Earlier this fall we went on a little family trip, because FALL. Vacation.  No?  Because we love are always open to recommendations, we followed my seester Stephanie's advice and drove across Highway 2 in Washington.  It. Was. Gorgeous.

There was a very short little trail down along the stream through the pine trees.
Complete with Andy Goldsworthy-inspired rock sculptures in the old stream bed.
We had to snag a few family pictures...James didn't want to sit still for two long, because TRAILS.
We walked up from the stream to the bridge that crosses the falls effectively dividing it into lower...
 And upper falls.
Such a lovely, easy little walk.  If you ever drive across Highway 2, I would highly recommend this little stop.  What about you?  Have you taken any little hikes or been outdoors lately?

October 10, 2015

Monthly Portraits: September

The month of September our little guy turned 2, and his vocabulary exploded.  He has also started experiencing so many emotions; frustration, anger, sadness, excitement, happiness, love all turned up to 11!   We've been building forts in the living room and this one made stayed up until Brad got home from work, and we all had snacks inside playing blocks and looking at books.  James' favorite things this month are peanut-butter toast, shredded bbq chicken sandwiches and chocolate (koklat).  His favorite books are Mother Goose, Ferdinand (cow book), or Miss Poppy and the Honey Cake (pig book).  And his most favorite thing of all is MUSIC, he loves all kinds of music.