December 1, 2016

October + November Garden: 2016

Forgive the atrocious lighting of this picture, but October was a beautifully sunny month.  It was the perfect time to plant a patch of grass for next spring.  So I bought myself some grass seeds to scatter on one portion of the "yard".  I hand-scattered once and let it sprout and then seeded again over top.  The pepper plants (back left planter) were still producing thru mid-October and the lemon balm (back right planter) started establishing itself and is doing really well.

Look at this garden all tucked in for the winter.  I raked the leaves to cover the planter boxes as well as to the left of the path.  Hoping the decay the send some nutrients back into the soil.  The grass is absolutely luscious!  I wish I had planted either side of the rock path and simply left the boxes for new plantings. Hindsight...oh well.  My late planted lemon balm (back right planter)is still doing quite well and perhaps the leaf mulch will keep it going longer.   There are still pops of California poppies coming thru which makes me laugh...I'm sure once we get some frost they'll fade.  Clearly I need to do a bit more leaf cleanup, and attempt to kill all the dandelions along the foundation...but its coming along nicely.  I'm mostly excited about the grassy patch in the front so that I'll have someplace soft to sit baby next spring since our backyard is filled scary buried surprises and won't grow grass/clover for anything...oh renting.

I'm dreaming about what to do for next spring/summer.

Hopeful returns in the front:
Phlox border - bigger and better.
Tulip bulbs along front walk
Lemon balm back planter
Chamomile front L"lawn"
California poppies front L "lawn"

Annuals to add in the spring:
bush beans (w/ lemon balm)
pink cosmos, dill + coriander (in L planter)

November 30, 2016

Monthly Portrait: November

This month we enjoyed shockingly great weather, soccer outside, raking leaves, family movie nights, and preparation for baby.  Brad celebrated 6 months at his new job, and James' spent most days building caves out of pillows and blankets, playing with paw patrol toys and running around outside.  I think I need a hug. OR let's laugh! - are his most common phrases, and he consistently asks for spaghetti for breakfast.  This is likely our last month as this exact family dynamic, since December will bring about some changes with a new baby.  I am so thankful for this wonderful family we've created.  It is crazy to me that I've only known Brad for 6 years, but imagining life without him seems impossible and definitely worse.  His steady and gentle ways are just what I need, and raising James together is a joy and a challenge as we strive to be the best examples we can be.  Watching James discover the world around him and how he thinks and feels about things is beautiful, and we are praying that his strong and compassionate spirit stays with him as he grows.  It is truly amazing to see how children can reveal your true character; birthing James, losing Graham, raising James - these innocents are witnesses to the everyday grasping towards being a person worthy of the position I  As this month draws to a close and we prepare for another seasonal and familial shift, we are ready, we are excited, and we are waiting as patiently as possible.

November 26, 2016

Little Clark III: 34 + 35 weeks

35 weeks
Dear baby girl,

I cannot say how many emotions have been raging through me this week...thoughts of both your brothers' births, wondering about yours, the anticipation, the excitement, the fears.  They are guessing you are at least 18 inches now and probably 5.5 lbs.  You definitely have the opposite sleep schedule of James...he was awake every morning at 4am kicking me awake and still rises at 5:30am.  You much prefer 10:30 at night.  Perhaps I'll have a little night owl to hang out with instead of my early morning men; I am definitely not a morning person.  I've been working hard at laying low, relaxing and keeping stress to a minimum, and you are staying put inside.  They say you are getting ready to really start gaining some weight, so that will be fun. We are debating when to get a Christmas tree and do some decorating around the house.  I'm guessing the earlier the better. Will you be with us for Christmas?  Will you be with us before?  It is such a waiting game.  Happy Thanksgiving!  My hope is still to make it to Dec. 2...that's just a week away!  We love you baby girl.  James is especially excited to give you kisses and hugs and play swords with...perhaps some of that will be coming later rather than sooner. 

Love you little girl,

34 weeks
Baby this past week was a doozy,

I was pretty sure that you were going to join us this past week.  You are growing big, 4.75ish lbs, 18 inches long.  It feels like you are huge.  Saturday I was having some issues and thought my water may have broken and was having some minor contractions.  So baby, we went to L+D...where they confirmed my contractions were 8 mins apart steadily, that my waters weren't broken, but that your heart little lady was dropping each contraction.  So they kept monitoring me and you for several hours and prepped for what would need to happen if you needed to be delivered.  We had a 30 min ultrasound tracking your movements, etc and were able to see your precious face.   Baby you pulled out, and your heart rate returned to normal so I went home - contractions an all.  For 5 days I was having contractions 8 mins apart so much rest was needed.  Goodness I was quite thankful to wake up Thursday morning with no pain, and a good night's sleep courtesy of no contractions.  Baby stay safe, stay warm, STAY INSIDE.  


November 17, 2016

Fall Colors

This fall has been a gorgeous one...I love seeing the slowly shifting colors.  I love seeing the leaves change from greens to yellows. 
 For the skies to alight with the last bit of light in the moody cloudy evening.
 I love seeing the green trees start to turn red on the fringes...
 To full on reds and oranges,
 To dried out browns and crispy yellow ochres.
Oh this delightful season of subtle color shifts...I'm enjoying the last of your shifts before December hits in a few weeks.  

November 5, 2016

Baby Clark III: 31 + 32 weeks

Dear baby,

You are 31 weeks along...217 days.  I'm feeling pretty well, and you my dear are growing ginormous!  You are growing each week, and measuring large in the 75th or so percentile for your weight.  Since you were 3 lbs 3 weeks ago, I'm guessing that you are quite a bit larger now.   Maybe we'll have a 8lb baby after all.  I've had a few bouts of contractions lasting 10 mins or so, which means I have to be extra careful on my activity level.  Otherwise, you are movingly strongly especially at night with kicks, rolls and jabs.  I love you little lady, and I was able to celebrate earlier with this month with some wonderful women.  You have a little nook carved out of a corner of your Daddy and my room, all gorgeous in coral, cream and white florals.  I hope that you like it.  Stay warm and safe. 

Love you babe, 

Dear baby,

Happy 32 weeks old.  Supposedly you are 17ish inches, and it feels like 5 trillion lbs.  Every I come into contact with remarks about how you must be due any day now...How do I kindly say that no, you're due in 2 months?  8 weeks until your due date little lady.  But I'm prepping for an earlier arrival - washing some newborn things and starting to pack an overnight bag for everyone.  32 weeks.  Its crazy to think we've been waiting that long to hold you and see your little face.  In a few weeks you'll be here, filling diapers, growing our hearts, waking at all hours of the night.  We couldn't be more thrilled to meet you little girl.  You tell you your name, and kiss your cheeks.

Love you always baby,