July 28, 2014

Life Lately: Why to always, always, always check your rear view mirrors.

Remember last Friday I mentioned that you should always check your rear view mirrors?  This is actually a year old, but I found it still in draft form in my cue.  Oops.  Regardless, its a good thought.

Tomorrow was the last day of school.  My last day as an art teacher at Mossyrock.  Possibly the last day of an art program in the district.  My car was packed and ready to roll, final graded assignments, notes for the students, questions for our "Art Year Review" game, candy for said game, as well as my purse.  Call me Mrs. Prepared (for once in my life).  I went to sleep that night with a smile on my face and peace in my heart.

Beep     beep    beep.  Egghhh 4:30am already?!
The bed shifted as Brad got up and headed towards the kitchen.

blink blink. What?  

Do you need anything out of your car?  I'm going to get the oil changed in it today.


Brad kissed my grouchy face before walking out of our room.  At that moment I remembered the student's final assignments were sitting in the back seat!!

Brad!  I called out from bed, and he poked his head back in.
Brad I need the artwork and papers out of the backseat.  Thanks babe!

My eyelids slid shut.  Crisis averted.  I heard the front door shut a final time and the car engine roar to life.  Gravel crunched as he started to back out, and my foggy mind snaped into focus.  The notes!  The game!  Their prizes!

Brad!  Braaaaad!  Wait, I forgot something!  Braaaaaaaaaaaad!
I'm at the front door by now, but he isn't slowing down.

Stop! Stoooop!  BRAD, WAIT!  
He is at the end of the driveway and I'm halfway there
...at full sprint
...5 months pregnant
...in whatever I threw on for pjs the night before
...hurtling barefoot down the driveway
...arms waving in the air like a mad woman

Somehow he doesn't see me.  He doesn't check his rear view mirrors, granted it was 5 am...but still.  He pulls onto the highway in front of our house and I hear him gaining speed.  A car honks at me as they drive past...

Ya I should get back inside.  

I could call or text, but we live in the Bermuda Triangle of cell service so he won't get it for 15 minutes.  Ah.  Well on to plan B.

I got a text from Brad during his lunch break...Did you know there are bags of candy in the front seat?
Yes.  Yes I did.  I put them there babe.

And that my friends is why you should always check your rear view mirrors.  Even at 5 am pulling out of your own driveway.  You never know, you may find a frantic pregnant woman chasing after you trying to claim some bags of candy and her purse and her notes for her students.  Be safe, check your mirrors.  Always check your mirrors.
*This story was written with the expressed verbal consent of Brad.

July 25, 2014

Sleepless Nights: Wait, where is the baby?!

This is the last in a series about the crazy that happened when I was sleep-deprived this past year.  You can read all of them here.

James had a doctors appointment...oh those appointments.  This was WAAAAY back...when he had to be weighed weekly to make sure he was doing ok.

Yikes! I looked at the clock and was already running behind.  Where are those blasted wipes?!!

Aha!  I spied them under the dining room table.  ...Of course...

Diaper bag with extra everything? ...check...
James in the carseat? ...check...
Insurance card? ...check...
Purse? ...check...

Ok, now get everything into the car.

As I pulled open the door and kicked open the screen door...taking care to not let it bang against James, I set the bag and purse on the front porch.  Snatching the keys off the holder, I carefully shut the front door... then the screen door and juggle the bags and carseat to the car.

Why is it so cold?  Should I bring an extra blanket for James?

SUSAN!!!  Get.In.The.Car.  You are already going to be 10 minutes late.  

Quickly I set everything next to the car, unlock the doors, throw in the bags and run to the drivers seat.

Get in, start the car, back out of the driveway, and look in my rear view (NOTE:  Always look in your rear view mirror...more on this later) and there I see little James sitting next to the front porch...right where I left him.

Wait, where is the baby?!  Why isn't James in the car? 
 .................................... Oh right, I need to put him in the car.  

He may or may not have been -2 weeks old at this point.

Your turn.  When or where did you leave without your baby?  Tell me I'm not the only one.

July 22, 2014


"Pictures of the everyday once a week in 2014."
1.  This picture perfect sky, reminding me of walking through English fields headed towards a pub filled with warm tea and chips.
2.  This fella, who has become a laugher!!!  
 3.  Breaking in our new baby backpack.  And no, Brad doesn't go anywhere without a mug. :)
 4.  Cloud cover rolling in for our evening walk...

July 18, 2014

a morning I never want to forget

My morning baby was happy and calling for me from his crib.  Naptime was over, and it was time to play!  Pay no mind that the nap was from 8-8:45am, I call him morning baby for a reason. :)  Scooping him up a hug of gurgles and grunts, we headed to the living room floor.  We had laid there for a while building and destroying block towers, reading about Pumpkin the puppy and eating cheerios, when he decided that wrestling was what was missing...so he hauled himself up and proceeded to wrestle himself on top of me and ended with me on my back and his face just above mine.  A look of triumph glinted in his little eyes, and then I asked him for a kiss.  His adorable mouth opened and began to cover my cheeks in drooly alligator kisses (open mouth aaahhh sounds) all the while laughing.  (I can NEVER get this kiddo to laugh!)  So I snuggled him back, and he gave me more alligator kisses and we laughed on the floor both with sopping wet faces.  It was a pretty perfect morning.  Mornings like are what I treasure...what I want to remember...that I don't want to ever forget.

July 17, 2014

Stop and smell the clover

While playing the grass and attempting to keep James from eating all the clover flowers in sight.  I took a closer look at that little flower that covers our yard in mats and mats.  It is so intricate, each little petal full of sweet nectar.  So much complexity in this tiny flower. Then I noticed a little friend, actually teensy friend that looked so similar.  I knew that had to be related.  So I looked it up, thank you internet, and found that yes, they are indeed from the same family.  
Fabaceae Trifolium repens L...aka white clover...aka Dutch clover.
Fabaceae Medicago lupulina...aka black medick...aka blackweed
While I realize this is considered a weed by many, it is still a flower that smells sweet and pretties up our yard.  Everyday I walk by/on it and pay it no mind.  But today, thanks to James, I gave it a second thought and was ushered into a quiet moment in awe of the creation around me.  Wondering at its teensy delicate beauty that I never took the time to see.  Sometimes you can gain a lot when you stop and smell the roses...or in this case...the clover.  Have you stopped and reconsidered something lately?