August 27, 2016

Little Clark III: 22 weeks

Hello baby girl,

I'm laying here on the couch feeling you kick...I don't think you like the computer resting on my belly.  I've been day dreaming of snuggling you in the early mornings, dressing you in cute little outfits, (maybe even matching ones with me - help me),  letting your hair grow long and pulling it back in a bow, watching you and James play tag or build forts together.  I'm dreaming of future hot cocoa dates with you and walks through the park.  I'm dreaming of your tiny little fingers and nose.  Wanting to curl up with you in flannel and blankets wishing it were December already, so you'd be here.  But that time will come.  For now, summer is just ending, and fall is right around the corner.  You're spaghetti squash size now...around 1 lb, and 11 inches long or so.  Your lips, eyes and eyebrows are getting more distinct.  Will you have deep set eyes like your Dad?  Will you have my mouth and upturned nose?


August 25, 2016

Anticipated Moments in parenting

I have some long anticipated moments/experiences in parenting.  One of those was baking with my kid/s.  I have to say it was/is pretty awesome (hugely messy) baking with James.  Our first venture was cornbread, and we've branched out since.  Yesterday we made chocolate zucchini bread.  He loves measuring, dumping everything into the bowl, and getting to use the electric beater (with a secret helping hand).  Sometimes life can get so routine, so everyday,that I forget how much I've looked forward to those moments.  I can easily get lulled into a routine that dismisses the magical of the everyday and is blind to opportunity.  Certainly I'm not alone in this, but I've been working on changing that perspective.  So I've been prayerfully working on being intentional in our time together.  Soaking those moments in whatever they may be...making popcorn, family movie nights, walking to the park, morning snuggles. Easier said than done, but this intention has been so helpful for me this week to seize opportunities as they come...sort of intentional parenting or opportunity spotting.

Which lead me to a joy I got to experience with James this week...introducing him to my love of globes, maps, etc.

Oh the possibilities that lay in those flat pieces of paper...the adventures, the beautiful forests and fields, the fascinating people, delicious food...  With so much of our family living in far away places, James is always wanting to visit, so the concept of distance obviously not grasped...he is only 2.9 yrs old.  So this week while sitting on the potty, he asked, "Where is Ohio?"  Normally I would have explained that it was far away, blah blah blah...but in the spirit of being intentional, I asked him to wait, and  sprang groaned to me feet and grabbed the globe out of his room.  We were able to look at the whole world, and find the different places with our family...Montana, Ohio, Alabama, Alaska, Minnesota, Florida, Spain, California, Washington.  He was so excited - hello the thing could spin pretty fast.  He called the US "the little places" (all of the different colored states), and my heart burst basically from getting to share my love of potential with my little love, as James started talking about what Isabel or Auntie Steph or Uncle Paco were doing right then.  That is one moment I've been waiting for.  One experience I've anticipated sharing, and it was pretty awesome.  Of course there is so much to look forward to, but keeping myself grounded in the today is what made this time so special.  

August 15, 2016

The end of summer list

Summer is almost over.  There are still a few weeks left of sunny days and warm meteor shower lit nights.  So before summer has completely vanished and school begins again for students and teachers alike, here is my final list of things to enjoy this season before September hits; when all I want to do is curl up in a sweater with spiced chai, read books and look out at the drizzly weather.

To the end of summer -
1. camping
2.  evening walks to the park
3.  eating blackberry cobbler
4.  picking blueberries and blackberries
5.  playing in the sprinkler

August 14, 2016

Little Clark III: 20 weeks

Hello baby girl,

This week has been up and down.  I've been so nervous, worried and hopeful for the ultrasound this afternoon.  Baby.  I've been all over the map.  Convinced you are a girl; whole and healthy.  Convinced you've already passed, and that we'd know immediately since you wouldn't be moving in the ultrasound. Convinced. Convinced. Convinced. But none of that matters.  Because you are here and here to stay!  You are alive and moving and wiggling and kicking and chewing.  Baby girl, that feels so good to say!  I found out why I haven't been feeling you as strongly as your brothers.  Your placenta is in front, which is softening your blows.  But in the ultrasound, we saw your heart pumping, your whole, happy skull, a beautiful if very fuzzy profile, you were head up and your little jaw was moving, chewing/talking? the entire time.  I wasn't surprised at all when the ultrasound tech announced that you were a girl, I've felt it so strongly since the beginning.  We even have your name all picked out for when you arrive, but are saving it for that special day.  I think you'll love it as much as we do.  Little lady, your big brother James is happy to meet you; his Christmas baby.  Laying on the table watching you squirm on the screen, I felt so much peace and embraced the hope that you are here.  We all love you and are looking forward to the second half of your gestation.

Love and snuggles,