September 29, 2014

Boat Launch at Ike Kinswa

There is a hidden gem in Lewis County.  It's the Ike Kinswa Boat Launch, and the day was wet, brisk.

The road was covered in leaves and the grey sky parted.

We meandered down the beach.
 My flannel and raincoat kept me dry while the stroller was his shield.
 The leaves were rather crunchy...
 And the moss was speckled with needles...
 The picnic area was aching for a basket and some free time.
 And the water, drained a bit for the winter season offered some lovely shades of brown.

I knew that we needed to come back, on a different day with a friend and a lunch basket. Who knew this gorgeous little place was here!?  

Have you found any hidden gems lately?

September 25, 2014

Summer Roadtrip: Washington, Oregon & California Day 1

Hmm...this is the third summer in a row that boasts a roadtrip.  This might be the start of a family tradition.  Brad and I planned to take his entire 8 vacation days all in one big chunk and go on a roadtrip to Yosemite!!!  We both love traveling, and always have so much to chat about, and adding a little baby to the mix couldn't make it that different right?  Are you laughing?  Well you definitely should be.  We (self proclaimed) wisely, decided to cut the 13 hour drive into two separate days traveling down, figuring that two 6.5 hour days would actually stretch into 8.5 hour days with stops for the baby.

Day one started with none other than caffeine.
We left at 6:57 am with out little fella tucked into his carseat fast asleep.  Sleeping James made for some excellent mileage because we were south of Portland before he awoke.   McCurry family tradition is to stop at K&R Drive In in Rice Hill for the huge portions of Umpqua Ice Cream as well as delish burgers. 
 Sourthern Oregon has rolling hills, and green trees.
 Coming down the Siskiyous...entering California.
We crossed Shasta Lake just as the sun was setting...  It was a beautiful first day.  

September 24, 2014


Pictures of the everyday once a week in 2014.

1.  Hello, cool rainy fall days.
2.  Goodbye warm early fall days playing in the dry crunchy grass.
 3.  Hello enjoying apples fresh off the tree.  Goodbye sitting outside in the dappled sunlight.
 4.  Hello first hot chocolate of the season!

Is there anything you are looking forward to saying hello to with this new season?

September 19, 2014

Dear James: 12 months/1 year

 Dear James!!!

You are one year old!  Today is actually your take-home day from the hospital, September 19.  My how you've grown! :) ...from 4lbs 9oz to 18lbs 4oz...from 18inches to 28.25inches...from swimming in premie clothes to wearing 12 month clothes.  Who would have thought how?!  You are such a little boy now moving all around and smiling at everyone!  Your six little teeth are shining at whoever looks your way.  You are such a people person that even grocery shopping is a fun because it provides new people to meet.  Life has taken on such a new meaning with you as part of our family.
You are such a little charmer sometimes I wonder where you get your outgoing ways.  It definitely isn't from either your Daddy or me.

This year you went on a roadtrip to Yosemite, rode on a plane, ate chocolate cake, were the youngest Clark cousin for a few months, are/were the first Van Diest great-grandchild, as well as the first McCurry grandchild.  You came in a way I never would have thought, but knowing your curious, sweet, active self now, I can see that your birth fit you to a T.  Happy Birthday James!

Accomplishments this month
Crawling all over the place
Taking a few steps at a time
Saying Mama and Baba
Giving high-fives
Giving kisses
Drinking from a straw

We love you so much little buddy!!!

Mama & Daddy
And now for the rest of his first birthday photoshoot. :)
All done Mama!! Give me back the car keys!

September 17, 2014

DIY: Baby-friendly tassel necklace

 Supplies Needed:
      Tapestry needle
      Uncoated/unpainted wooden beads
      Embroidery floss a color of your choice

Step 1: Cut off a 7-9 ft section of string in order to make the necklace strand three-cord strong.  Little hands are strong, so this necklace needs to be as well.

Step 2:  String the beads to the appropriate length you'd like your necklace.  I made my strand rather long.
Step 3:  Make the tassel by first cutting of a six inch piece from the leftover strand.  Fold the remaining string in half and at the midway point tie and wrap the six inch piece around to form the head.

Step 4:  Trim the bottom of the tassel to desired length and thread the necklace cord through the head of the tassel and tie off the necklace, tucking the knots and strings in the tassel.

Step 5:  Wear you new masterpiece!