October 10, 2015

Monthly Portraits: September

The month of September our little guy turned 2, and his vocabulary exploded.  He has also started experiencing so many emotions; frustration, anger, sadness, excitement, happiness, love all turned up to 11!   We've been building forts in the living room and this one made stayed up until Brad got home from work, and we all had snacks inside playing blocks and looking at books.  James' favorite things this month are peanut-butter toast, shredded bbq chicken sandwiches and chocolate (koklat).  His favorite books are Mother Goose, Ferdinand (cow book), or Miss Poppy and the Honey Cake (pig book).  And his most favorite thing of all is MUSIC, he loves all kinds of music.

September 3, 2015

Happy 2nd Birthday James!

I couldn't be more proud of what a fun, excitable, caring, gentle, crazy, talkative, shy and organized boy he is growing up to be.  He is already two, and it feels just right!  His favorite things are walks, looking at pictures of his cousins, playing big trucks, being outside and throwing trash in the garbage can.  We love this boy so much and cannot wait to see what this next year has in store for him!

August 31, 2015

Monthly Portraits: August

August:  James has been stringing words together to form sentences.  His first four word sentence was, "All done eekers (crackers) mama!"  This month his vocabulary has grown extensively, and he loves telling little stories of things he has experienced or wants to do.  Another favorite this month is to run everywhere, and shout "RUNNING" while doing so.  

August 4, 2015

Strange Sleeper

I was half-awake and heard some rustling of sheets and doors opening.  I rolled over and checked my phone for the time...5:37 am.  Quick footsteps came over to my side of the bed, and I open my eyes to Brad searching under the covers.

Me (very sleepily): What are you looking for?
Brad: James!  Did he sneak in bed with us last night?
Me:  WHAT?!  No.  (All sensing springing to full focus.)  Isn't he in bed?

I leaped out of my bed and raced into his room...turn on the lamp and look.  Empty bed.  Empty floor.  Brad moves some stuffed animals around.  Not there.

Brad:  I already checked the kitchen and living room...the doors are still locked...where is he?!
Me: (mind racing...Was he stolen?  Did someone kidnap my boy?!)  I'll go check.

At this point, tears are welling up in my eyes as I am starting to panic thinking James was taken.  I'm no Liam Neeson,  but Brad...maybe.

Brad:  (loud whisper) Susan, come here.

I head back to James' bedroom.  Brad is on his hands and knees peeking under the bed, so I drop to mine.  Ahhhh.  James.  Sound asleep back against the wall under his bed.  It has been all of 1.2 minutes.

Sweet relief.

We lifted his bed from its place, settled him back onto it AND moved it back all with a slumbering little boy. What a strange sleeper.

July 31, 2015

Monthly Portraits: July

James has transitioned into a toddler bed!  And out nighttime routine has changed a bit to include "rest time" before actual sleep time, which lets him play quietly in his room before he puts himself to bed.  This usually works very well as we pray together, read a book, and pick out a few favorite toys to play with.  Then we give kisses and wave goodbye from the doorway.  He smiles and says bye-bye.  When we check on him, he is always sleeping in bed with his baby and lately his dump truck and two little men.