May 19, 2016

Small flowered Forget-me-nots: Myosotis laxa

I noticed these little plants springing up around our house.  I was trying to figure out what they were when the tiniest, prettiest little flowers began to uncurl.  After some research, I found that they are PNW native small-flowered forget-me-nots.  I love the little multicolored flowers.  

May 9, 2016

2016 May Garden Update

There weren't many survivors after our 5 day mid April roadtrip. Here is the before...pepper starts, slow growing lavender, and tons of little lemon balm.
 Non of the lemon balm survived, neither did my lavender that I had been nursing along for 2 months.  The peppers are looking rather yellow, so I'm working on bringing them back to life...having some success.  So I've started the lemon balm over again this time outside.  There they are.

 I added some flox that were volunteers around my Mom's garden.
The columbine is gorgeous and blooming...the succulents are also doing really well and sending out new runners.
 I put some nasturtium seeds in a pot just before our roadtrip, and they are coming along nicely.
The pumpkin seeds I threw outside in October in the corner of the yard where nothing grows have come up.
 The thyme and mini daffodils are blooming.
 Now, its time to wait and see if my seeds will start - cilantro, squash, nasturtiums, bachelor buttons, chamomile, daisies and California poppies.  Its looking pretty bare at this point.  You can't really see them, but my onions are looking great in the right side bottom left corner, and beans are springing up opposite them in the little left patch.

May 6, 2016

Kootenai Falls, Montana

If you are even traveling through NW Montana, stop in Libby.  More specifically stop at the turnout for the Kootenai Falls Swinging Bridge.  It is a short 15 minute walk down to the falls and hanging bridge.
The swinging bridge was quite a bit longer than I thought.
Brad and James crossed hand in vice-gripped hand.
 He didn't seem too scared, but he did want a hug after he crossed.
 There were beautiful wildflowers scattered about the opposite side.
Kootenai Falls...look at the color of the water.  It was beautiful...

Nay.  It was gorgeous.  You should really stop and see for yourself.  

May 5, 2016

May 5: Graham's 1st Anniversary

My dear little Graham would have been 1 today.  His roses have been blooming for weeks now...filling our house with their sweet scents and bright colors.  I miss him.
I love that these roses remind me of him.  Thank you.