July 2, 2017

Camping with small children: Northfork Campground

Indigo had her inaugural camping trip the first weekend of June.  The weather was wonderful, the campground empty (save for one other family), plenty of spring flora and fauna and s'mores...practically perfect.

Except the complete lack of sleep portion.

The first night, Indigo was up every 2 hrs, and James tried to be as close to Mama as possible by curling into a ball around the top of my head...yeah.  The second night I forgot to put a pull-up on him, so around 4am he wakes crying, soaking, and the tent is filled with a pungent urine smell.  Ahh, sweet bliss.  Lest I scare you off from tent camping, it usually goes so much smoother.

But there are really a few essentials that will make your camping with a baby/children so much easier.  
1.  Embrace the activity.  While my idea of a perfect camping trip involves laying quietly in a hammock by the fire, reading books, and eating s'mores and enjoying campfires with a walk beginning and ending each day...children, my children, groove less with this idea.  James needs to have an activity - he needs to be moving his big muscles, running, exploring, being loud, or throwing balls.  So we have a big full body activity in the morning and afternoon.  Yes, he ran almost the entirety of that straight stretch of road.  Lots of activity now, means tired children later. :)  Its almost my camping mantra. 
2.  Bring a ground blanket for the baby.  Seriously, do you want to be holding/strapped to/baby strapped in something for 48+ hours?  Neither does he/she.  Bring a big blanket to put out on the ground so baby can stretch, relax, and be part of the goings on outside of the tent.  This way they aren't eating too much dirt.  
3. Have an huge bouncy ball.  The cheaper, the bouncier and the more brightly colored the better.  Easy to spot if it bounces into the ferns/woods.  5 million game options - catch, kickball, volleyball, bouncing, bowling, dodgeball, throw it at the trees, kick it into the tent, the possibilities are endless here.  We scored ours for $1.00 at a local store on our way through town, and it was the only toy, besides a lovey, we had the entire weekend.

Thats it!  Those three things are huge lifesavers for us when camping.  Maybe these are common sense for you, but these three things really made camping with kiddos so much easier and more doable. And now a few gems from the weekend.
bracken fern
Cispus River
 wild lupine and bracken fern
Happy camping!

June 30, 2017

Portrait of the Month: June

This month, we've been packing...preparing for a move very soon...a certain little boy is quite excited.

June 11, 2017

Dear Indigo: 6 months

Dear Indigo,

Hello my sweet little girl.  You are such a content lady.  You love to snuggle close when you are tired, sucking on your two first fingers on your right hand.  You are enraptured, if sometimes scared, by your brothers antics and attempts at giving hugs.  You have the most expressive eyebrows and facial expressions;  giving away your exact feelings, which you come by honestly as my face is an open book.  You are up to 16 lbs and 25.25 inches tall, and love looking at the world around you.  You can sit for several seconds all by yourself, and are grabbing for everything.  You are eating food (purees) and loving it!  Thus far you've glommed down everything we've given you.  My little lady, you did very well at your 6 month appointment - 16 lbs, 25 inches long, we are so glad you are a healthy girl.  Can't wait to see you grow more and more into your personality.  Lets keep these early morning wake-ups the rarity though, alright?


June 7, 2017

Portrait of the Month: May

May was spent enjoying 70 degree weather, taking family walks, dinner picnics, daily trips to the park, mastering the "big" potty, learning to sit up, and living on little to no sleep since everyone had been sick all month long.
James has been wearing his glasses almost full time after a recent trip to his ophthalmologist showed that his eye isn't progressing as well as hoped.

June 1, 2017

Dear Indigo: 5 months

Hello sweet girl,

You have such a sweet voice, as you coo and hum all day with a smiling face.  You are a very relaxed little lady.  You've been preferring to only be held by your Mama, but tolerate others for a short bit.  You'be been gaining neck strength, and can roll either way now, but you actually like being on your tummy.  You are such a content baby, now that regular milk is out of my system, which thankfully we figured out early on.  You've taken to sucking on your pointer and middle fingers of your right hand.  It is so precious, but we've been pulling them out so that your teeth don't come in weird.  You've been drooling up a storm, but no teeth yet.  Indigo you've laughed!!!  Its more of a chuckle/giggle, and I have to be careful to not let James tickle you because it like being tickled by wolverine claws.  You are sleeping through the night, save for one early morning nursing sometime two if you go to bed early.  We love you dearly, and are so beyond blessed to have you in our family.  This month was a difficult one for your Mama with Graham's 2 yr anniversary, so many reminders of what we missed with him.  Sweetie, you are such a precious little lady.  I savor your sweet smiles and squishy little legs.  You love to be held, facing out to see and experience the world.  We love you Indigo!

Hugs and kisses,
Mama + Daddy